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Each of the team members at Precision Health & Wellness Center is experienced in Regenerative, Integrated and Aesthetic medicine. We can help you live your best life. Come meet our team and start your journey to optimal health!

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Dedication to excellence

Our Stem Cell Process

We are partnered with a local credible and FDA-registered lab for stem cell products. Participating hospitals identify expectant mothers scheduled for normal, healthy C-section deliveries and invite them to donate the resulting umbilical cord tissue. All potential donors undergo thorough pre-screening, ensuring they meet specific criteria for eligibility.

During the pre-scheduled C-section delivery, a specialized nurse is present to facilitate the retrieval of the umbilical cord and amniotic membrane. The resulting products are carefully labeled and cryogenically stored to maintain their quality and effectiveness.

This comprehensive approach, from tissue collection to product delivery, guarantees the highest standards of safety and efficacy in stem cell therapies.

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